Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Breakfast and Lunch at the Cafeteria

Breakfast (includes milk)- breakfast begins at 8:10 a.m. - 8:25 a.m........... $1.00
Lunch (includes milk)......... $2.00 (The price for seconds is at a non subsidized price of $3.25)
Extra Milk....................50 cents
For the Breakfast Menu visit Breakfast Menu.

For the Lunch Menu visit Lunch Menu.

Paying for meals in the Cafeteria: You can send money with your child to pay for breakfast or lunch or you can deposit money into to a meal account. This is similar to a bank account. Your child will receive a PIN number during the month of September tied to this account to pay for meals. You can start this lunch account by writing a check to add money to his/her lunch account and dropping it off in the office or by paying on-line after the first day of school using your credit card.

Paying by check: Please make checks payable to Torrey Pines Elementary.

Paying by credit card (Visa and MasterCard Accepted: Go to: PayPams at or call 858-627-7328. You will need your child's PIN to set up the account. Your child will receive a PIN number during the month of September. Please be sure to keep money in this account if you plan to have your child participate in the school lunch program. Should the account run low on funds during the school year, a note will be sent home. For more information visit San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Meal Prices and SDUSD Food Services.

Lunches from home can include any food that is able to stay fresh at room temperature or with an ice pack included in the lunch box. You should include something to drink (NOT soda). There are no vending machines available for drinks. Please do not send anything that needs to be heated up. This is not an option for any student.

Kindergarten students who BRING their lunch will stay in the Kindergarten area and eat. Those children who PURCHASE a school lunch will be brought as a group to the lunch arbor, will line up to buy their lunch and will eat together at a lunch table in the lunch arbor. After about 20 minutes, as a group, they will be led back to the kindergarten playground to finish their lunch recess break.

Special note about lunch boxes! We have very clever squirrels that have figured out how to get into backpacks and eat student lunches. PLEASE send food in a canvas/zipper style, metal style, or other completely closeable style lunch box. Do not send paper bags or lunch boxes that only use Velcro to close.

How do Wednesday half days and lunch work?

Every Wednesday is a minimum day. The final dismissal bell rings at 12:30 p.m. You must be at the school to pick up your child unless he/she is signed up for an after school program or you have made arrangements for them to spend a few minutes eating lunch after school.

There is NO assigned lunch break for Wednesdays. When the dismissal bell rings - your child has not had lunch yet. The school does sell a school lunch if you wish for your child to stay a few minutes and eat. The TPES Foundation has also coordinated pizza sales on Wednesdays for those families who wish to eat lunch at school right after dismissal. Our "Pizza Wednesday" has become an opportunity for families to get together while their children eat lunch and play with friends. Pizza can be purchased whole or by the slice, and there are also drinks available for purchase. Consider joining this fun tradition.

Students will have 15 minutes to eat a snack during their afternoon break. Many kids use this time to play and do not eat. This will depend on your child. The snack should be a healthy, high-protein snack that allows your student to energize. High-sugar or high-fat snacks (cookies, chips, etc.) cause a peak in blood sugar levels that bottom out soon after, leaving your child restless and hungry. High-protein snacks provide a longer lasting energy source that helps your child pay attention and focus.

Healthy Snacks
In an effort to maintain healthy lifestyles, Torrey Pines Elementary is focusing on healthy, nutritious snacks. Below is a suggested list of healthy snacks that students can bring to school to eat during the first five minutes of recess: Fruits & Vegetables - Nutrition Bars - Cheese & Crackers - Nuts - Unsweetened cereal/muffins - Yogurt - Trail Mix - Hard Boiled Egg - Turkey & Cheese Roll-Up - String Cheese - Peanut Butter Crackers

Carbonated sodas are not permitted on campus. Nor are glass containers of any kind.

Please do not send your child to school with food that needs to be heated. We do not microwave!

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