Traffic Safety

The safety of our students is a top priority. We as a team can enhance student safety at drop off, pick up, and throughout the day. It is our collaborative duty to support and model safety rules and expectations.

Please read below with your child for the safety of all students:

Traffic: (due to YMCA construction TPES parking in the YMCA lot is no longer available)

  • Follow all traffic laws. Drive slowly. Be careful and be kind!

  • Use the DROP-OFF/PICK-UP lanes correctly & with consideration.

  • Parents drive to the FRONT of the lane for drop-off/pick-up

  • Parent Ambassadors assistin getting your student and belongings in and out the car in a safe manner and ensure they get to the gate safely.

  • There are cones creating these drive-through lanes.

  • DO NOT get out of your car in the white zone in front of the school,even for "just a minute". This is a loading zone only, like at the airport.

  • Follow the signals of the Safety Patrol. They model and demonstrate safety rules for the campus.

  • Park in the neighborhood if you wish to walk your child into school.

  • Use the crosswalk. This models safe crossing to all students, an important safety strategy.

  • Please offer bicyclists three feet of space on the road. Many of our students live blocks away and choose to bike into school.

  • NO U-Turns! Drive completely around the cul-de-sac. It is important for all traffic to follow uniform patterns.

  • Remember if it is helpful you can leave home earlier to allow for more time to drop-off and pick-up.

  • Gates are unlocked at 8:05 each morning.

Before School:

  • Students are not allowed on campus before 8:05am.

  • Students are welcome to participate in running club Monday - Friday or wait in their class line-up area.

  • Please remind students that playing on the First-Fifth grade playground equipment is not permitted prior to school. Supervision is not provided for that activity.

After School:

  • Pick up time is 12:30 on Wed. & 3:00 all other days. Please be on time. Students who have a late parent or guardian must go to the office where it can be certain that their safety is secured. However, significant delays will result in students being taken to the after school care program which will incur charges. Please be on-time to pick up your student.

  • Students playing after school on the blacktop must be actively supervised by a parent at all times. Please make sure that your child knows who is supervising them. The YMCA staff is not watching your students unless you are signed up for their care.

  • Students are to play only on the blacktop. Students are not to be playing in the breeze ways, garden, grassy areas, etc. Many teachers work in their classrooms after school and depend on the quiet time to prepare lessons for the next school day. please be respectful of campus and late working teachers and staff. Permission to travel to and from the blacktop is granted only through the primary walkway between auditorium and main office building.

  • Remind students to safely walk while on the campus. Running is saved for the field. (Due to the dual use, the field is not always open after school).

  • Encourage students to use the playground equipment in accordance with the playground equipment guidelines. Climbing is great exercise but we want to teach safe play as well. (i.e. NO climbing on trees, fences, metal boxes, and on top of theplayground equipment!)

Please remind your students to respect and follow the instructions and directions of teachers and office staff at all times while on campus. Also, as a reminder - the YMCA staff supervision is for paid 6 to 6 childcare only. Feel free to stop by the La Jolla YMCA and inquire about before and after school supervision opportunities for your student.

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