Support Staff

Support Staff

Mrs S

Being a teacher at TPES means working in a community that values high expectations. As a TPES teacher, I strive to reach each child and to reach each family in a positive way. It also means working in an environment that values a high sense of community, both between the students/families and staff members.
Jen Syeda

Being a teacher at Torrey Pines means supporting and encouraging the youngest learners in our community.  It means building a connection with students that promotes a love for learning. It means watching students grow and show pride in their accomplishments. Being a teacher at Torrey Pines is enjoyable and rewarding.

Heather Knight



Although I have only been at TPES for one year, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this community as a Resource Teacher. Just in my short time here I know the dedication that the TPES staff has towards their students and families. Being a teacher at TPES means putting forth hard work and dedication by working together with one another, students and their families. I am excited to continue working as a Resource Teacher and look forward to collaborating with classroom teachers and working with small groups to ensure my students meet their goals.
Renee Polonsky

S Allen

Being a teacher at TPES means we are respectful, responsible, and kind to others and our environment. It also means that we challenge and push ourselves to become the best teachers and we expect the same from our students. We set standards for ourselves and students high so we are constantly progressing. We support one another as a staff so that we can, in turn, support our students. 
Sydney Allen

Being a teacher at TPES means working as a team to help every student learn, thrive, and feel successful.
Maggie Marach


Being a teacher at TPES means raising up compassionate and confident children who listen with understanding and speak with clarity for the meaningful, creative building up of the diverse community.  
Shelly Suggs

From the moment I became a teacher at TPES, I knew I had found my home away from home. I have always perceived it as a privilege to teach/work at TPES. I believe we all feel this way.  The nature of the staff, families and community has always been conducive to mutual support, with an emphasis on pushing ourselves to be even better.   This latest obstacle with Covid has been daunting, but as TPES teachers, it is our job to support each other, finding new and creative ways to reach our kids. 
Cathy Isom


I am proud to be a part of such a dedicated, talented and professional group of colleagues. I'm proud to have been educating students at this school for more than 30 years, building relationships with so many families. The support we receive from our community enables us to provide an enriching, high-quality education.
Jana Keating


Mrs Riney

I participate in creating and maintaining a highly successful academic community. I am lucky to work with dedicated, talented, focused, caring, and innovative staff members.
Keri Riney

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